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March 10, 2016

BackOps and Sequoia are our base service platforms.

Christopher Duskin

VP Marketing - Extole

Sept. 17, 2015

BackOps has really come through for us, and I can’t imagine not having them. Their platform integrates with QuickBooks, Expensify, etc., and they do all of our financial statement production--they take all of our data (payroll, expense, revenue) and turn it into P&L balance sheets. There’s some heavy lifting required on our end to get all that data together and structure it in the right way to get to that point, so I have to have someone senior on my side to be their partner. They did require a lot of setup time, in terms of having them take over all your bills, understand your financial statements and understand your business. That was a painful few months, but now it makes managing my accounts payable incredibly easy.

James Rohrbach

CEO - Fluent City

Sept. 15, 2015

BackOps uses QuickBooks by default. I don't interact with QuickBooks at all.

Max Nova

Founder - SilviaTerra

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BackOps - Best Accounting Firms & Services Tools for Startups

BackOps is an outsourced human resources solution that ties together all back-end processes--including HR, benefits, payroll and accounting--with its own software and a dedicated “back-office team,” comprising a CPA, an HR specialist, a junior HR manager and an account manager. BackOps’ software integrates with most major payroll and accounting tools like QuickBooks, ZenPayroll, and Paychex, and gives you a bird’s-eye view of the health of your business, one-click payroll and bill payment, and an entirely paperless HR system. Users report that it takes a good amount of time for BackOps to get its system implemented and for its team to learn your business model. However, they agree that once it’s all set up, BackOps is a stellar service for integrating and offloading all of your disparate back-end processes into one simple solution.

How startups use BackOps?

BackOps was designed to handle startups of all sizes, from Seed stage to Series B.

How much does BackOps cost?

BackOps doesn’t publicize its pricing, instead asking interested parties to contact them for a quote.

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