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Oct. 18, 2017

Autopilot is a fantastic tool that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and enables us to implement marketing automation to provide relevant and interesting content to our users. It also offers a compelling price point compared to some of the more expensive options for a small-medium number of contacts.

Tom Fischaber

Co-founder & VP Operations - Woot Math

July 18, 2017

We used MailChimp in the past, but Autopilot has more features and functionalities. It’s like a combo between MailChimp and Marketo, and has much more sophisticated scoring features. Autopilot does also physical mail and text messaging.

Emery Wells

Co-founder & CEO -

July 10, 2017

We started out with Autopilot. It is a great tool for smaller companies. The UI is very good. Unfortunately at the time that we raised our Series B we had to switch to Marketo, which is a nightmare to work with. The UI is not intuitive and getting new people trained takes time. We had to switch because we wanted to track the full customer funnel, and also because integrating with our internal database was too hard. It might be different for other companies, but Autopilot wasn’t working with how our data was configured. If Autopilot will in the future have a better enterprise offering and integration, we are definitely going to switch back.

Amy Liu

Marketing Director - Clarifai

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