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June 28, 2016

We created Allay to help small to medium-sized companies get the same benefits that bigger companies do. Think of a spectrum, on one end there are “online tech brokers” (Zenefits, Gusto, etc.). Every company in this category really optimizes for smaller companies and cookie cutter plan designs. On the other end there are just brokers. Old school brokers. We’re right in the middle. Allay is an agency partnered with these brokers, so we help pair companies with the brokers in our network. That way, companies get customized plan designs. We’re a Zenefits competitor, as a do-it yourself insurance tool. If you’re under 20 employees, Zenefits might be better for you, but if you’re over 20 you should be using us. We plug into major payroll systems, we help with onboarding, offboarding, compliance and insurance. On the front end, Allay looks and feels like Zenefits, but we go deeper and pair people with good brokers and benefits; we pair them with a higher level service.

Julien Emery

Founder & CEO - Allay

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Allay enables companies to work with the broker of their choice to do online, paperless health insurance purchasing, and full HR and benefits administration.

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