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March 30, 2016

For more advanced email marketing, we prefer Act-On. For those not familiar with Act-On, it is a Pardot competitor with a lower price point. We do a lot of lead gen for our clients, and use Act-On to support this. For example, if someone engaged with one of our clients through a channel like AdWords, we use Act-On to pass their data to a CRM like Salesforce. This allows us to segment this subscriber and customize the emails they receive based on their evolving profile within Act-On and Salesforce. We can timeline their events, send them some emails, and see which actions attributed most to getting an action done. As with all tools, this takes manual oversight to ensure accuracy but the actual delivery and sequencing is automated.

Dan Goldstein

Founder - Neumarkets

Nov. 8, 2015

We’ve been using Act-On for years. We started with them when they were small. And as they’ve grown, their features have grown. They were recognized by Gartner recently. We do all of our email marketing in Act-On, and we have integrated the API into our website and with the companies we work with. Act-On is also integrated with Salesforce.

Chris Beaver

CMO & EVP of Sales - ExecRank

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Act-On Software - Best Marketing Automation Tools for Startups

Act-On is a marketing platform built to manage the entire lead-to-revenue lifecycle from attracting new prospects to building brand advocates.

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