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Feb. 18, 2017

AAIMCheck is a non profit. They built a system that allows us to do background checks, drug screenings, employment/education verification etc. when candidates apply to work at LaunchCode. I highly recommend them.

Rosa Mayer

VP of Market Expansion - LaunchCode

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AAIMCheck - Best Candidate Assessment Tools for Startups

We’re specialists at helping organizations efficiently implement and manage employment screening programs. We understand the complex screening needs of employers and strive to provide easy-to-use, streamlined solutions that help organizations work smarter. AAIMCheck Background Checking Services can help you replace question marks and risks with accurate data and well-reasoned, confident decisions. AAIMCheck Drug Testing offers a broad selection of options so you can select the best drug testing methodology to meet your needs. AAIMCheck Pre-Employment Assessments provides a suite of products to help you screen applicants for critical job-related skills, as well as basic work-related values such as work ethic, reliability, integrity, substance abuse, and theft.

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Visit the website: http://www.aaimea.org/AAIMCheck.aspx

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