Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stacklist?

What is Stacklist & why is it important to the startup community?

We believe startups want to spend their time executing ideas, not researching tools.

Stacklist is a massive, community-wide effort to make the tools & services learnings of individual startup teams and entrepreneurs available to the greater startup community. More than 350 founders and thousands of startups have participated in this unprecedented effort.

When founders share their stacklists, they help create a space where everyone in the startup community can make smart, fast and efficient decisions about the tools they use to grow.

Why do founders share their stacklists?

Stacklist has become a movement because founders believe a resource like this should exist. They hope their participations helps inspire other entrepreneurs to be candid & transparent with what they’ve learned about tools and services.

Do founders & startups get publicity when they share their startup stacklists?

For sure. Here are a few ways!

  • A dedicated startup stacklist page
  • A link back to your site on your stacklist page
  • Founder & startup attribution on the tool pages for every tool you review
  • Multiple tweets thanking you for your participation and sharing some of the key insights you provide
  • References to you and your startup when your insights are so awesome we want to write about them on our blog and in the articles we write with partners.
  • Direct mentions in media like Buzzfeed and Fast Company that frequently use Stacklist in their research.

What founders have contributed their stacklists?

350 founders have contributed their stacklists! They span all funding stages from seed to Series B and have anywhere from 3 to 750 employees! We’ve spoken with founders from a broad range of sectors including media, fintech, consumer goods, wearables and food. Check them out here!

What is a startup stacklist?

What is a startup stacklist?

A stacklist is the set of tools a startup is using to grow. A startup stacklist includes founder reviews of the tool, as well as use case information about how the tool was used or is being used at the startup.

What topics does a stacklist cover?

At Stacklist, we focus primarily on the business tools that are essential in the early stages (seed, Series A, Series B …) of a startup. Our most frequented category pages are HR, Payroll, Email Marketing and Accounting.

Do stacklists include a development stack?

At the end of all Stacklist interviews, we ask founders about other tools are essential to their business. Many respond with tech tools. However, Stacklist’s primary focus remains the business tools.

What about the tools mentioned on Stacklist?

How does Stacklist determine which tools appear on Stacklist?

Stacklist is an intentionally curated resource. For a tool to appear on Stacklist, someone must mention your tool in his or her startup stacklist! In other words, if a startup considers a tool critical to their business, that tool has a page on Stacklist.

Sometimes there are amazing, life-changing tools that are new or coincidentally haven’t shown up in a startup stacklist. If you have a tool like this in mind, let us know!

How can I get my tool on Stacklist?

If your tool is not already listed on our site, the best way to get your tool on Stacklist is to ask founders whose startups use your tool to . Be sure to read the requirements for submitting stacklists. We will conduct an interview with them directly about their full stacklist.

Or contact us!

Whence cometh these awesome tool reviews?

Where does Stacklist get these reviews?

We receive the reviews of tools through comprehensive phone interviews with founders (who generously set aside 20-30 minutes for this important effort).

Do interviewees receive compensation?

In the form of our eternal gratitude and the appreciation of all other entrepreneurs who benefit from their helpful insights! Checkout some of the benefits startups reap from submitting their stacklists.

Why aren't there ratings or stars?

Coming soon! To help users gather information more efficiently on Stacklist, we will soon be launching a sentiment analysis tool that will quantify the reviews of tools so that an aggregate positive, negative or neutral number is available at a glance.

When we have the awesome opportunity to speak with a founder, we format our interviews to optimize for substance; we invite free form feedback from founders so that other entrepreneurs can more comprehensively understand whether a tool is a fit for them. In our experience, asking entrepreneurs to reduce their response to a single rating does not yield the depth of information that is helpful to the community.

How can I help & participate?

How can you help us spread the word about Stacklist?

Thank you for asking! We love, love, love people who …

How do I sign up for a stacklist interview?

First, we’re excited to speak with you! Founders can submit a stacklist by ! Someone from our crack team of researchers will reach out to you about scheduling your interview. Wondering if you’re a good fit for an interview?

Who is eligible to do a stacklist interview?

Right now, Stacklist is focusing interviews on startup founders!

You are eligible if:

  • You have 3+ full time employees
  • Your startup has been operational 6+ months
  • You love helping other entrepreneurs

If a startup is over 75 people, we are happy to speak with department heads at startups!

And stay tuned for our plans to expand interviews to more people in the startup community!

I lead a department at a big startup - can I do an interview instead of our founders?

If your startup is over 75 employees, then, yes, please ! At our current stage, for startups that are under 75 employees, we are focusing on interviews with CEOs and/or founders for companies.

Hey, Stacklist, why are you so obsessed with interviewing founders? The rest of us have some good insights too!

Damn good point. We plan to start focusing on department leadership this coming summer. To date, we have focused primarily on founders as a way to cover the widest breadth of startups possible along with the widest breath of tool knowledge possible.

Does it cost money to submit my startup stacklist?

Of course not! Your interview time is hugely valuable, and that’s more than enough.

Can I refer people to Stacklist?

Totally! Either direct them to the or send them our way, and we can reach out to them ([email protected]).

Wondering if they’re a good fit?

I scheduled an interview! What now?

Should I prepare anything for my interview?

There is no prep needed! This is not the GMAT. If you think of something you want to add later, the door is wide open.

I just submitted my startup’s stacklist. What’s next?

Your stacklist will go live on our site within the next few business days. Be on the lookout for social content about your stacklist as well.

I REALLY want to read my interview (or my press team does) before it’s posted live. Is this possible?

Absolutely. It’s a standard part of our process to get final sign-off from founders before publishing their stacklists. So you’ll definitely see it before it goes live.

I did a stacklist interview and I have an update - what do I do?

Fabulous – we love updates. Feel free to reach out to us directly about any updates: [email protected]