Zendesk's Automatic Answers FAQ

“We tried a couple of different tools and we found this provided the best experience. As we continue to add things focused on customer service, Zendesk is the most robust one out there.”

-Jeff Ernst, Co-founder and CEO of Smync

Zendesk is the industry standard when it comes to customer service tools, appearing on 22% of stacklists. This July, Zendesk announced a new feature called Automatic Answers. Automatic Answers further complements the Zendesk suite by bringing machine learning to the customer support pipeline. Automatic Answers has the promise to save your team a lot of time on customer service while resolving your customers’ concerns.

Automatic Answers will be integrated into Zendesk’s software. While it may have implications for other platforms (see below), its only official use as of now is to use through Zendesk’s own software and support channel.


What is Zendesk's Automatic Answers?

Automatic Answers brings artificial intelligence and machine learning into a customer service tool, a field generally dominated by human-to-human responses. Instead of spending time fielding the most basic of questions, Automatic Answers intervenes early on in the customer service pipeline to resolve inquiries.


How does Automatic Answers work?

Automatic Answers enters as soon as a customer reaches out to customer service or a help center. Generally, the process begins when a customer comes with a question, like “Can I include an emoji in my response.” Originally, this inquiry would require a customer service representative to respond to the question themselves either with a link or a personalized answer.

With Automatic Answers, Zendesk will respond to the ticket by suggesting several links and articles that should resolve the problem. At the bottom of the email, there is an option for the customer to select that the ticket either has been solved or that it hasn’t, at which point a customer service representative will intervene. Automatic Answers though saves your employees time that would have been spent answering simple customer support questions.


How will Automatic Answers expand?

Automatic Answers has implications beyond Zendesk software. According to an interview TechCrunch conducted, Automatic Answers is meant to expand “beyond email.” One could easily envision a situation where Automatic Answers is implemented in social media channels, where many customers turn to for help support. As automation takes over more of the customer service industry, the uses of Automatic Answers are almost endless.


Can my company use Zendesk's Automatic Answers?

Right now, Automatic Answers is not available to all Zendesk users, but you can sign up for early access here.

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