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  • Founder: Guillaume Cabane, Head of Growth Marketing (former)
  • Company: Mention
  • Employees: 10-50
  • Stage: Seed

About Mention

Mention changes the way you monitor the web. Create keyword-based alerts on your company, your brand, your competitors, and receive updates in real time about any mentions on the web and social networks. React to your audience, collaborate with your team, and get analytics on your mentions.

Guillaume Cabane, Mention

About Guillaume Cabane
Guillaume is a web marketing specialist with a strong focus on ROI. For the past 10 years, he has focused on web marketing and product development in both the B2B and B2C spaces. Guillaume has held leadership roles in business development and marketing departments for Apple, Lexsi and Codiki, and now serves as head of growth marketing at Mention, one of France’s fastest-growing startups.

What is the most valuable tool in your stacklist? 
Hands down, Segment is our favorite tool. Actually, we’re Segment’s No. 1 customer in terms of number of integrations we’re using with them in parallel. We use north of 25 tools through Segment alone, ranging from email marketing to sales, BI/analytics and others.

Why is Segment such a great tool?

I love that Segment gives you the flexibility to change tools without spending too much time on it. I like tools that adapt and scale well with my startup, and I dislike tools that have a barrier to entry as a user, which means that I lose on them until I've reached a certain volume. We’re also one of the few companies that uses a bidirectional data integration with Segment. So we’re not only sending data through Segment to our other tools, but also have data flowing from third-party tools through Segment to us, so that we can have a clear vision of what our customers are doing, even if it’s not on our own app.

You’re a mentor to a lot of entrepreneurs. Does Segment figure into your recommendations?

Absolutely. I always tell my mentees two things: 1) Build your analytics right at the beginning of your project, and set them up through Segment. 2) Do not build something for scale when you don't yet have a business. I see people spending a ton of time building products before they even have a need for them. Segment plays in again here--it makes it so easy to adapt and change your tools as you grow.

How do you learn about new tools and services?

My go-to resources for new tools are Product Hunt, Segment’s marketplace and also fellow marketers. With Segment, new tools show up in their marketplace, and from there, it’s just one click for me to send our data there and put it into action.

When should a startup have a social media monitoring tool in place?

Companies should be using a social media monitoring tool from the very beginning. You need to have your alerts done before the big launch happens so that you can capitalize on that early attention.  

What sets Mention apart from the competition?

Mention is a more comprehensive service than Google Alerts, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc., which are good products, but they won’t help you with media monitoring. And that’s really the coverage you need. Compared to our direct competitors (Talkwalker, Linkfluence, Brand24, Digimind, etc.), our advantages are that we’re really easy to set up and use, and the tool is very collaborative, so it’s great for teams. We will also help you find mentions from people who are talking about you without handles, so you won’t miss any traffic.

Any new features you’d like the Stacklist community to know about?

Yes. We’ve recently launched some really useful sentiment analysis  statistics, and we help you compare that with your competitors across social media. We’ve also recently released user scores, so you can see who’s talking about you and how they rank, so you can easily identify and react to mentions coming from important influencers.

Who are Mention’s typical customers?

We hit the middle of the market. Data is costly; but we don’t buy data, we report it, which is how we keep our costs down. Our customers generally fall into three buckets: 1) Marketing agencies who create alerts for their clients and sell social media reports; 2) CEOs of recently launched startups who are trying to get as much attention for their product right off the bat; 3) Marketing/social media teams at 10-500-person companies, whose job is to monitor what’s happening on social media, stay on top of it and justify their actions and results through Mention’s data.

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