About Us

Welcome to Stacklist!

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs make faster, easier and smarter decisions about the business tools they use to grow their startups. We want to help entrepreneurs focus on ideas and execution, not infrastructure.

70% of entrepreneurs make their business tool decisions based on the input of their startup peers. More than 200 entrepreneurs and operators have generously contributed their time, stacklists and insights to begin a culture of making this trusted input widely available to the startup community.

What does Stacklist do with this information? First and foremost, we pass this primary source information through to the startup community so that reviews are accessible by common categories and tool searches. We also synthesize and curate what we learn from interviews with founders to provide recommendations based on startup size, stage, experience, industry and other relevant factors.

This is only the beginning. These many entrepreneurs have made their stacklists public so that the startup community will not only benefit but also reciprocate by sharing their own stacklists.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Email us to share your stacklist! [email protected]

Who We Are

Amanda Moskowitz Founder and CEO

Amanda has loved the NY startup community since the NYTM was <1000 people. She's the co-founder of Nine Naturals, a premium, all-natural haircare and bodycare brand for pregnant women. Amanda has managed operations and growth at mobile startups like Mobile Commons and Shoptext. She founded and still runs the NYC Mobile Forum, a community of 2,500 mobile entrepreneurs and technologists.

Danny Garcia Marketing Operations Manager

Danny Garcia is a recent graduate of St. John's University. Driven by his love of collaborative communities and the notion of "paying it forward", he decided to join the startup community. He also has a passion for keeping up with technological trends, research, along with the uncanny knack for finding the perfect GIF or meme for any given situation.